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Mobile crusher is improved based on the traditional crusher. Mobile crusher can flow of materials crushing operations, can also be seen in a simple stone production line. Mobile crusher powder raw materials according to the type, scale and requirement of the finished product of the different materials, especially the crusher material site is small, more suitable for the grinding of construction waste, brick applicable.

Stand in the position of customers, eliminating the broken ground and environment to the customer breaking barriers as a good solution. Greatly expanded the concept of crushing operation.

Mobile crusher of crushing material widely: can crushing coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, slag, limestone, stone, building waste material. Mobile crusher is different according to the production process can be divided into rubber tyred mobile crusher or crawler mobile crusher two.

Features and advantages of mobile crusher

  • mobile crusher is one of the biggest advantage is mobile, flexible combination, strong applicability.
  • mobile crusher is used on second stage crushing, the material after the rotor to crush into the lower rotor grinding again, the material is formed hammer powder in the cavity, the effect of powder material. Then the outlet directly discharged. Mobile crusher discharging granularity is very uniform, can be controlled in 2mm below (mm).
  • mobile crusher adopts the original gap adjusting technology.
  • mobile crusher adopts hydraulic starter case, a person can open the shell, repair or inspection of parts is convenient.
  • mobile crusher has changed the traditional way of butter mouth filling, the centralized oiling way, can realize non-stop can filler.