About Us

Pre-Sale Service:

MCC provides you the project design, process design and the appropriate choosing scheme about your special needs. According to your particular requirements, we will design the equipment and train the technical operators to suit your production plan. Besides, we also have the mineral test for you to make sure that the equipment is the most suitable to your mine.

pre sale service

In-Sale Service:

The related department in our company will accompany with you to complete the acceptance, and help you draft the construction plan and the detailed scheme. All the installation details and operation specifications are also provided to ensure the whole production line is safe and efficient. All the work is just to guarantee that your production is smooth.

during sale service

After-Sale Service:

After we signed the purchase contract and have a certain reputation guarantee, we will contact the professional group that responsible for ship bookings, commodity inspection, commercial invoices, packing list, insurance policy and so on, in order to provide you the perfect goods trading services, until the product you purchased properly to your hands.what's more

after sale service

Technological Support:

MCC has been largely adopting new technologies, new techniques and high-tech equipments. And MCC also has strict and effective quality control system. We have obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate.

If there is any problem with your production plant, our professional technicians will be appointed to the production site to guide the equipment installment, debug the site and train the operator. Whenever you need, MCC will the first one to help you. MCC is the preferred choice for crushing, mining and quarry processing.

technology service